Monday, March 21, 2005

Small steps towards a common goal

Despite all of the discouragement researching the climate debate has brought about, it's nice to run across efforts by like-minded advocates who are really trying to make a difference. Interestingly, there is a new climate activist group that utilizes some of the effective language that Damien and I have been discussing ("climate crisis" vs. climate change, for example).

Ross Gelbspan recently wrote an article for Grist Magazine, asking readers to take individual action by signing the Climate Crisis Coalition's new petition, Kyoto and Beyond: The People's Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty. As of now, there are 14646 signatures, with more electronic signatures pouring in everyday.

* Not to discourage a like-minded project, but as I looked over the petition website, I couldn't help but think about our dinner conversation the other night about environmental organizations that gather information on participants. This petition requires signers to give a first and last name, address, and email address in order to participate.



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